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Hi, my name is Zack! I'm the guy behind the camera taking these pictures. My music photography journey started after I graduated high school. My parents got me a point and shoot camera as a graduation gift, and what did I do with it? Took it to Uproar Festival '09 of course! The daylight pics I took weren't too bad - I even got a few keepers! However, once it got dark they all SUCKED! I was frustrated because all I wanted was to share pictures of the show, but they looked nothing at all like a concert; just a blurry mess of bright color. I had no idea at the time, but that frustration sparked a deep desire to figure out how capture better concert photos. Fast forward 7 years and I was standing in front of a local band shooting my first show. That small spark that was started so long ago has now grown into a raging inferno that is the driving force behind the images you see here. There is nothing more satisfying to me than capturing images of musicians performing live and being able to share it with other people.  If you've never experienced live music before, there's nothing quite like it - check out my pics and then go check out a show!